Country Style

This long garden belonged to a traditional Victorian villa in Cardiff and the brief was to provide a segmented garden with three areas and to improve the overall level of privacy as the garden was overlooked by neighbouring properties.

The existing patio adjacent to the house was to remain but additional planting beds were introduced so that fragrant climbers could be planted up the original stone walls.  Victorian wire-work panels were also added to the top of the wall at specific points to further add privacy.

At the other end of the garden away from the house a gravel parking and utility space with a large shed was created.

The design utilised two raised beds made from welsh pennant stone and capped with sandstone to segment the overall space into three.  The first of these nearest to the house was planted with ornamental pears Pyrus ‘Chantecleer’ that had been trained to form panels.  In the spring and summer their foliage provided privacy and shelter for the dining area and their spring blossom and autumn colour provides interest from the house and central area.

The second raised beds were planted with standard grafted Magnolia grandiflora’s which are evergreen and will join over time to provide a further privacy screen.  As an added bonus they flower beautifully all through the summer.

The clients wanted a traditional country style semi formal garden in the central area.  A number of beds,  gravel paths, and a central circle were edged with original brick reclaimed from the house.  A mixed sandstone paver path ran from the back door along the length of the garden to the parking area.  Victorian wire-work arches planted with fragrant honeysuckle were positioned at either end of the path to further segment the central area.  

The bed along the path was planted with espalier fruit against the stone wall to make the most of it’s southerly aspect.  The step down to the central gravel area was also constructed using reclaimed brick.  Lighting was installed along the path and in the step for safety.

The pictures show the completed garden immediately after construction, after planting, and after one season’s growth.  Further views can be seen in the design video below.