Fun for All the Family

This triangular garden was required to be transformed to suit all of the members of a growing family.  The design rationalised odd shaped garden  in line with the house and provided a number of distinct areas.

Adjacent to the house was a large dining patio that provided access to both sides of the house and edged the large central lawn.  Down one side of the house a new storage shed was added plus an area with play bark for a large trampoline.

A cool deck for entertaining with outdoor sofas was placed in the corner of the garden furthest from the house.  This deck had a sail shade for focal impact and, of course, to provide shade.  Scented climbers clambered up the fences on two sides and the deck was surrounded by evergreen planting.

Across the large lawn, on the other side of the lawn there was a large purpose built kids play deck.  This was built using grass deck boards with artificial turf sunk in deck boards to create a softer springy play surface.  The play deck also incorporated a ‘jail’ playhouse and flowerbeds which were planted with espalier fruit trees and vegetables – once the toys had been moved out of the way!

A pergola planted with fragrant honeysuckle provided shade as well as a route back to the dining patio.

For more detail click the pictures and watch the design video below.