High Terrace


This client’s Newport garden was already configured into two main levels.  Unfortunately the upper level was over 3 metres higher than the patio adjacent to the back of the house and then sloped up a further 2 metres.  The brief was to design a garden that created the largest possible flat area on the upper level to be reached by a more gentle route than the current 1 in 2  straight flight of steps.  Additionally the lower patio was to be reworked and increased in size be the removal of a garage on one side.

The design provided the larger entertaining patio with raised planters and integrated seating.  Up lit drystone panels were mounted in the rendered wall to provide visual interest from on the patio and the views from within the house.  A sweeping set of steps provided a pleasant form and a gentler route up to the top level via an interim are with seating and storage.  The upper level was maximised with a 100 square meter lawn surrounded by flowerbed and a small cafe style circular patio in one corner.

bigterrace14 bigterrace13 bigterrace04 bigterrace11

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