Modern Materials

The owner of this L shaped suburban garden had recently added a conservatory to her house and wanted to make the most of the odd shaped space.  Her taste was for a clean modern design and was interested in mixing traditional with more modern materials.

The design maximised the usable space and made use of the L shape to provide different views across the garden.

An existing pond was renovated and given a crisp modern feel by edging with pale grey sandstone.  The existing lawn was returfed and made lower maintenance and more defined by adding a silver granite edging.  Along with two slate patios, white rendered walls and a black pergola this provided a high contrast palette – especially when wet (a common occurrence here in Wales).

The two slate patios and the lawn were linked by a composite deck made from recycled wood pulp and milk cartons.  It comes in a range of colours and has an anti slip surface

The larger dining patio was raised to work with the existing levels of the garden as well as provide visual interest.  An open black pergola was added to provide extra height and an existing tree was pruned to provide a canopy.  The pergola and tree were up-lit to provide a focal point from the conservatory at night.  Scented climbers were planted to climb up the two rear posts of the pergola.

The smaller slate patio has a matching 1.8 meter bench made from a single piece of slate that is highly tactile.  A more shady corner this area was planted with woodland plants and ferns.

The garden was mulched with bark to reduce maintenance and planted with a mix of flowering plants and shrubs to provide interest all year round. 

To see more of the garden click the pictures or watch the design video below