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New Design – Peaceful Retirement

Here’s the first of the new designs that we completed in 2011.  This garden for a couple approaching retirement reworked the space after a new conservatory was added to the house.  Using aged natural stone materials to blend with the architecture of the house and surrounding conservation area the design provided a relaxing, low maintenance space.

The full page of the design can be found on our Design Gallery

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Growing for the Spring and Summer

Growing our own plants

We grow a number of plants in small quantities to use in our clients gardens (and our own too!).  Mainly we grow varieties that are difficult to get from suppliers or that you can only get at certain times of the year.  This means that we can plant them as part of a project even if they are not in season

We also buy and pot up plants that are only available at certain times (e.g. Snowdrops) so that we can include them in clients planting schemes any time during the year.  We do this as part of our Planting Projects as well as part of our Seasonal Maintenance Services

New Design – Gentle Journey

This gently curving design for a large suburban garden in St Mellons near Cardiff worked really well.  Originally a single space we created a garden with multiple sunny and shady spaces, making the most of the mature specimens that were already in the garden.

To see more of this design visit its page here

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Site Visit – Fruit and Vegetable Garden Completed


Fruit and Veg growing is certainly a growing trend.  We built several productive gardens last year and will be going back to photograph their progress later this year once there’s some foliage!

Meanwhile here’s one of this year’s new projects.  This is a great Before and After example.  A productive garden in the making.  We’ve used FSC sourced timbers to create an easily manageable space with room for fruit and 5 raised vegetable beds to allow crop rotation and a bed for perennials such as asparagus.

The fruit has been planted (raspberries, apples, plums, blackcurrants, jostaberries, gooseberries, and blackberries) and the compost bin built.  Here’s to a productive spring

Below is the original plan that we created for the client plus a couple of other pics



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