Welcome to the new 2009 Website

After the old website had served us well for 5 years we thought it was about time for a refresh.  So welcome to the new website for Rogerstone Gardens and the new Blog too.

As always with these things the site is a work in progress.  There’s lots of examples of our work which we haven’t had a chance to show before and we’ll be making an effort to get new designs and photos up on the site during the next few months.  We’re also planning to get some of the videos of our designs that we produce for our clients up on the site too.

We’ll also be launching some new services too so please come back soon to see what’s on offer.

With the Blog we wanted to have a place where we could highlight what we’d been up to and also a place where we could publish useful and interesting information regarding plants, gardening, garden design and so on.

As always if you have any questions regarding Rogerstone Gardens or you think we could help you with your garden please contact us via our contact form