Sloped Circle Front

The success of the redesign of their back garden and the arrival of a large motor-home spurred this client to commission us to redesign their front garden.  The brief was to create a modern and clean design for the front garden, keeping as much as possible of the mature plants while increasing the access and parking capacity.

The design created a larger entrance with new brick and pennant gateposts linking to a new front wall built with dressed pennant stone.  The driveway was laid with a beautiful architectural specification granite block in three colours.

A circular lawn edged in brick sloped to make use of the existing planting and site levels.  On both sides raised beds swept around and down to meet the edge of the driveway and allow access to the lawn.  A specimen tree that would provide blossom in the spring as well as autumn colour was planted in a further brick edged circle.

The garden caught the sun and so the clients had a bench to make the most of it.  We planted a small knot garden within a gravel area by this bench as well as planting up the new raised planter with scented plants and a further tree.