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Spring Specimen – Magnolia stellata

Slow growing and gorgeous the Magnolia stellata is a perfect specimen for a small garden.  The beautiful white flowers appear in early spring before the bright green leaves.  If you get close, you’ll be able to catch it’s scent.

Contrast it against a dark evergreen background either in a border or a large container.  It likes a a bit of ericaceous (acidic) compost but is not too fussy.

Cultivars are available, some of which have traces of pink in the flowers.  Magnolia stellata ‘Rubra’ actually has dark pink flowers.


New Design – Rippled Circles

This is one of this year’s designs for a suburban garden near Blackwood in South Wales.  The original space, although a great size,  lacked function and definition so we created a design which unified and maximised the space with sweeping curves rippling out from the circular deck.  A new patio and barbecue area with herb garden was added adjacent to the house.  Now finished and planted the owners are delighted.

These are just a few taster photos – the full design page will be up on our website soon

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